Bird Feeder Cleaning Day

This is the 12th year we have done bird feeder cleaning and we hope that the event has led to cleaner feeders and healthier birds around our area. We also sincerely hope that this isn’t the only time people clean their feeders. In a perfect world, you would clean your feeders once per month. Here is how it works:

Drop off your feeder(s) in the morning (no later than 3PM) and $3 will get your feeder cleaned with all of the proceeds going to the Conservation Committee of the Burroughs Audubon Society for the construction of Barn Owl nest boxes. If the feeder is either exceptionally dirty or if minor repairs are required, we ask that your donation be $5. We do have a “deem a feeder too fragile to clean” rule we use in the rarest of occasions.

Please pick up your feeders in the afternoon or Sunday. If you know how small our backroom is, you know we do not have room to keep feeders for several days.

Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 9:00am to 4:00pm