YouTube now Enabled

I have configured and setup YouTube. I think that using YouTube as the backbone for the videos would be the best option. The other options we can look into is: Post and Facebook and website pulls it from there or Facebook pulls from our website. I do not know much work needs to be done setting either of the others up.


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Product Site Map


  • Tube Feeder
  • Hopper/Tray Feeder
  • Anti-Squirrel Feeder
  • Hunningbird Feeder
  • Oriole Feeder
  • Suet Feeder
  • Mealworn Feeder


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Truck Load SALE!

All Hands will be on deck for Saturday November 21st the biggest seed sale of the year! We can't wait to see you all here!

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Ruth's Impressive Yard List

Since installing her water feature in 1999, this is the list of birds Ruth has documented using it. Keep in mind that her home is in downtown Lee’s Summit. Impressive! 

American Crow

American Goldfinch

American Robin

American Tree Sparrow

Baltimore Oriole

Black-and-white Warbler

Black-capped Chickadee

Blue Jay

Brown Creeper

Brown Thrasher

Brown-headed Cowbird

Canada Warbler

Carolina Wren

Cedar Waxwing

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Chipping Sparrow

Clay-colored Sparrow

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