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10,000 Rain Gardens

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So many people care about the environment and want to help but I often hear “But what can I do”? That is one of the reasons I like the 10,000 Rain Gardens initiative. Rain gardens are wonderful ways of helping conserve and filter the most precious substance on earth while taking care of various problems you may be faced with in your yard.

Do you have a low spot in your yard where the grass won’t grow because water puddles there after it rains? Or an erosion gully where rainwater drains away from your downspout? An easy, attractive Raingarden may be the solution. Raingardens are gardens with shallow depressions designed to capture rainwater with beautiful plants that don’t mind getting wet on occasion.

Raingardens help prevent quick run off which can help with flash flooding, they’re designed to drain quickly to control mosquitos and their associated dangers and they provide food and cover for wildlife.

If you are a bird watcher or butterfly fan, you can turn your raingarden into a smorgasbord for our winged friends by providing seed, nectar, and habitat. Plant Blue Lobelia and Cardinal Flowers for hummingbirds, Purple Coneflowers for goldfinches, or Marsh Milkweed for Monarch butterflies. These are just a few of the plants that can attract birds and butterflies to your yard.

By Mark McKellar