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Amity Woods Nature Park

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Red-tailed Hawk pair at Amity Woods
Photo by: 
Paul Ruehle

Little known to many of you, the 48 acre Amity Woods Nature Park is a newly dedicated Kansas City Parks and Recreation piece of property just a couple of mile from the store. The property became available through a land swap with a developer. The acreage is designated to become a nature area with hiking trails and signage. The strategic plan they have in place for the property is impressive.

On December 4th, the group will be joining forces with the Southern Platte County Athletic Association in hosting a 8K, 5K and fun run to raise money to help both groups meet their missions. Amity Woods will use the money to start installing trails on the property. You can call me for more information.

If you are the adventurous type that doesn’t mind hiking without trails, the park is located on Amity Road just south of Hwy 152. The city installed a parking lot this year so get out and enjoy.