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Birding Little Bean Conservation Area
Photo by: 
Morgan L. McKellar

As you’ve probably heard me say before, one of the ways biologists monitor bird populations is through bird counts conducted by amateur and professional ornithologist. Many conservation groups utilize these surveys as fund raisers. How do they work? Groups will gather pledges for each species of bird seen on their count day. Money that they raise supports their conservation efforts.

The KU Museum of Natural History generally conducts a bird-a-thon each spring to raise money for their research efforts in South America. Burroughs’ Audubon collects pledges for their local education work and the Missouri Audubon chapter conducts theirs to support bird conservation work here in Missouri.

As a person who loves birds, I know that I have an obligation to support conservation efforts to ensure their further survival. This year I will be joining the Missouri Chapter’s Bird-a-thon Team on May 6th to help them tally as many species of birds in one day as possible. If you would like to pledge support ($1, $5 per species or any amount you can) please contact me via e-mail mark@backyardbirdcenterkc.comor by phone 746-1113.

How many species will we see? Last year the team had a really terrible weather day and still got 135 species. With good weather, we could get closer to 150. I hope you will consider supporting our bird-a-thon. It is the work done by these fine groups that will ensure that our grandchildren will enjoy many of the same birds tomorrow that we do today.

By Mark McKellar