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Burr Oak Woods Conservation Nature Center

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I got an unusual birthday invitation the other day. A building, not a person, is turning 25. In November of 1991 I came for a job interview with the Missouri Department of Conservation at that building. I was the Assistant Nature Center Manager at the Burr Oak Woods Nature Center in Blue Springs for just over 2 years and loved it.

If you haven’t been to Burr Oak, you truly are missing out. The nature center houses live animals, wonderful exhibits, an auditorium, classrooms and a fantastic bird feeder station. The greatest feature to me is the 1,100 acres of land that they have protected. Many miles of hiking trails traverse the property and take you through various habitats like old and young forest, prairies and glades.

You have probably heard me praise our beloved conservation department before, but this wonderful property and nature center in Blue Springs is a prime example of benefits we as citizens of Missouri enjoy because of MDC. The next time you find yourself “south of the river”, do yourself a favor and stop in and visit Burr Oak Woods and wish them a happy birthday.

By Mark McKellar

FALL 2007