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Cats and Birds

If we love our cats as much as we love our birds, we will decide to keep our cats indoors.

It is best for the cat and best for our feathered friends! Because of their predatory instinct, cats are one of the biggest threats to the birds we love to see at our feeders. Cats kill thousands of birds each year when allowed to prowl outdoors. When roaming free, even well-fed house cats cannot resist killing birds.

Another important reason to keep cats indoors is for their own safety. Your cats’ nine lives can disappear quickly when they are hit by a car, contract a deadly virus or fall victim to a neighbor’s dog that is not cat-friendly. As responsible pet owners, make sure your pet is spayed or neutered. And keep the cat indoors. Get some new cat toys, cat-nip or perhaps a new bird feeder outsider their favorite window! You can entertain your cat right in the house and they will love you for it!

Birds are subject to many cruel facts of life including declining habitat, harsh weather, pollution and wild predators. Don’t add to their problems by letting your cat roam outdoors

By Rick Jordahl

FALL 2005