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Local Field Guides Really Help

I love books. I especially love books about birds and nature. When I plan a trip to a location that I have never birded before, you can bet I search out any local guides that may help me. Do we have any good local guides for this area? You bet we do.

There are several good books and CDs that apply to the birds and wildlife of our area. We carry guides to Missouri’s birds, wildflowers, reptiles and others. They all make great gifts.

Some our best sellers:

  • Birds in Missouri by Brad Jacobs
  • Birds of Missouri by Stan Tekela
  • Birds of Kansas by Stan Tekela
  • Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers by Doug Ladd
  • KC Wildlands by Larry Rizzo
  • Thayers Birding Software: Missouri & Kansas Birds
  • Missouri Bird Calls CD

Two excellent new titles:

  • The Guide to Kansas Birds and Birding Hot Spots by Bob Gress and Pete Janzen.
  • A Photographic Guide to Butterflies in the Kansas City Region by Betsy Betros

By Mark McKellar

Fall 2008