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The Missouri Bluebird Society

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Female Eastern Bluebird on Fence
Photo by: 
Paul Ruehle

The Missouri Bluebird Society (MOBS) was founded March 12, 2006, in an effort to enhance the various endeavors, made by groups and individuals across the state, to increase the population of our Eastern bluebird and other native cavity-nesting songbirds.

The purpose of the organization is to attain pertinent information concerning bluebirds and native cavity-nesters, and provide this information to all interested parties across Missouri, encouraging them to provide proper housing and care for our bluebirds/songbirds. MOBS works in association with the North American Bluebird Society, publishes a statewide newsletter and has routine presentations on native songbirds. Their website is www.missouribluebird.org.

Some of our customers have become members, so you may see some familiar faces at the meetings.

By Mark McKellar

FALL 2006