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Having not grown up here, I can remember the first time I saw a Tallgrass Prairie in its full glory. I honestly remember saying “Wow, so that is what a real prairie looks like!” If you haven’t seen a real prairie it isn’t surprising as this one of most endangered ecosystems in our great country. According to MPF, of the more than 15 million acres of tallgrass prairie that once covered Missouri, fewer than 90,000 acres remain.

If it bothers you to think that “the” ecosystem that is unique to this part of the planet is disappearing, you should consider supporting the Missouri Prairie Foundation. MPF has been a key volunteer driven, private group advocating the conservation and management of remaining tracts of original prairie in our state. They have purchased and manage 14 properties of their own as well as assist with prairies owned by state and other private conservation organizations.

For a whole lot of information on this great group, visit their website www.moprairie.org or you can call them at 1-888-843- 6739. Memberships are as little as $35 and that includes a wonderful magazine (journal) four times per year. They also have regular workdays for those who want to get involved on a hands on level.

By Mark McKellar

FALL 2009