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Purple Martin Headquarters

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I have always said I am my worst enemy when it comes to selling Purple Martin houses. At this store you are only going to get the truth about martins and what it takes to attract them and maintain a good healthy colony.

Since it all starts with a good quality box that is easy to clean out, I am selective about the ones that I carry. The Nature House MSS-12 has been a standard in the industry for 50 years. They feature the Lanyard Safety System for raising and lowering the boxes with a rope and can be converted to nesting suites.

We now have Add-A-Floors for our best-selling Coates boxes. Not only can you expand your boxes side to side, now you can go up, too.

Snakes and raccoons are always a challenge. The SB9 baffle has light holes at the top of the baffle which fool the snakes into trying to climb the pole from inside the baffle. Attracting martins for the first time can be frustrating. We have found that a couple of decoys can help. Dawn Song and Daytime Chatter CDs have been very helpful to many of our customers.

Don’t let sparrows take over. We carry sparrow traps as well.

Martins are on the way. Are you ready?

By Mark McKellar