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Rebuilding Nature's Relationship

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Bringing Nature Home

In 2009 a Professor of Entomology from the University of Delaware published a book and started a revolution of yards all around the country. In 'Bringing Nature Home', Doug Tallamy stresses the need for biodiversity in the home yard.

The perfectly manicured yard with plants and hedge rows filled with plants from continents afar is missing something- wildlife. The wildlife that developed and thrived on the native plants that once covered the very yard you mow cannot use the imported plants that now fill American yards. By eliminating native plants from the landscape we have created a barren and sterile environment void of a living ecosystem.

On October Monday, October 6 at 7pm Powell Gardens will host Doug Tallamy at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center for his talk titled, "Rebuilding Nature's Relationship." Tallamy will discuss why restoring biodiversity to our yards will bring animal diversity and suggest a few simple things everyone can do that will add up to a big impact.

Many will remember Doug Tallamy from an article in Audubon magazine last fall where he stated it takes 390 to 570 caterpillars a day to feed a clutch of chickadees. That can add up 9,000 caterpillars over 16 days to raise 4 to 6 Chickadees. Which means the more caterpillars your yard supports, the more nesting birds it can support.

By Mark McKellar

FALL 2014