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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Rubicon Large Double Hopper Feeder

When we bought this business 5 years ago, the first line I brought in was the Rubicon feeders made from recycled milk jugs. Like so many of you I care deeply about our environment and love to see items made from recycled materials. It does my heart good to know the 100+ milk jugs a year that I take to recycling are being used again.

Today we have several companies that are making feeders and houses from recycled plastics. They are easy to clean and are guaranteed for life against cracking, fading, squirrel damage, etc.

We are going to jump further into the “recycle” market. Everyone loves our handle bags and we are now going to make it worth your while to reuse them. We will give you 10 cents off your order for every handle bag you bring back in for reuse.

By Mark McKellar